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Registration for 2020/2021 School Term will be February 6, 2021 (appointment only) at The LJ Adult Day Care Center 395 Edwards Ave. Macon, GA 31204 10:00am until 3:00pm. 

Gantt’s Pre-School

345 Edwards Ave

Macon, GA 31204

(P) 478.745.0333 (f): 478.745.2080


                                    Registration for School 2021/2022


                                 Ages 3 & 4 Requirements

Certified Birth Certificate

Immunization Certificate Form 3231
Dental Vision and Hearing (NOT REQUIRED)

Copy of Social Security Card

Registration Fee (Non-refundable): $90.00 cash or money order



*All requirements are due at time of registering.


All students must be in the school’s uniform beginning on the first day of school and during the school year. *Boys do not have to wear ties daily, but mandatory on the first day of school.

The required dress code includes the following:

Girls Boys
  • Blue plaid jumper (only) short of long sleeve light blue
    Peter Pan collar blouse
  • White socks, navy blue or black shoes, shoes can be
    loafers, buckle or strap only. No lace up or tennis shoes
  • White Hair accessories only. No beads in hair.
    Stud earrings (silver or gold) only. NO HOOP EARRINGS


  • Long navy blue pants (no shorts) or long sleeve light blue oxford shirts, with button down collar, blue plaid tie (school's tie)
  • Navy blue or white socks, Navy blue or black shoes, shoes can be loader, buckle or strap only, no lace up or tennis shoes
  • NO BRAIDS IN HAIR; Conservative hair cut

 ***** No Rolling Book bags*****

The School Uniforms can be purchase from Buckhead School Uniforms, 2941 McManus Rd.  Macon, GA 31220 478.314.6555

Students are asked to bring a book bag and two (2) towels to be used for linen during naptime. NO ROLLING BOOKBAGS.

We are looking forward to a great school year.



Mrs. L. G. Evans

*Must have all requirements at the time of Registration


  1. The child must be 3 years old by July 1st for Pre-K3 and 4 years old by December 31st for Pre-K4. We accept children that will be 4 years old after September 1 ("late birthday")
  2. Certified Copy of Birth Certificate REQUIRED
  3. Immunization Certificate Form 3231 REQUIRED
  4. Copy of Social Security Card REQUIRED
  5. $80.00 Registration Fee (Non Refundable)

All payments must be Cash or Money Order only. NO CHECKS accepted.

All requirements are required at the time of registering.


Gantt’s Pre-School

345 Edwards Ave.

Macon, GA 31204


Supply List


**Please label all your child’s supplies and clothing. We will not be responsible for lost items.

Coloring Books- Big Pictures (2)

ABC Writing Pad (2)

 Jumbo Pencils (4)

Box of Jumbo Crayons (2)

Crayon/Pencil Box (1)

Storage Box (1-crate style)

Towels (2)- **to be used at naptime

Book Bag- No roller Bags

Facial tissue (2 boxes)

Paper Towels (2 rolls)

Clorox Wipes (1 container)

Ream of Copy Paper- size: 8 ½ by 11

Baby Wipes- (1 container)



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First Graduating Class

Pictured is the first graduating class of M.A. Evans Academy - April 1986.

Gantt's Pre-School

Gantt's Pre-School - 345 Edwards Avenue, Macon, Georgia. 31204: Email:

M. A. Evans Computer Lab

Students enjoying learning with computers.


M. A. Evans  - Classroom Safety

Safety first. New methods of learning while having fun!

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At M. A. Evans Academy we consider it a pleasure and a great privilege and responsibility to work with your child. We strive for academic excellence, yesterday, today and tomorrow.